Increase Sales

Customer acquisition costs at least 5 times more than customer retention. How much time are you spending on ensuring your existing and new customers are catered for in your post-purchase journey?

With integration into 40,000 PUDO locations, 1,400 lockers, global carriers, on-demand services and innovative ride-sharing solutions, Olasso offers exceptional optionality for retailers and customers to select the most cost-effective, convenient and localised returns and delivery experience across the globe.


Reduce Costs

Packaging, shipping, tracking, delivery, returning, enquiries, notifications…post-purchase experiences can be expensive and complex to manage.

Through Olasso’s intelligent consolidation, use of innovative shipping providers and smart routing, we can help you save money and time while personalising and branding your customer’s post-purchase experience.

One Integration, One Platform

A fast and simple set-up to rapidly offer returns across Asia.

Olasso tracks the status of your deliveries and returns from start to finish providing retailers with the ability to spot trends and act upon any potential issues. Establish intelligent rules for both deliveries and returns to ensure the options offered to your customers work best for your company.

Additionally, Olasso offers integration into the major CMS platforms to rapidly deploy the solution.

Grow Globally

Buying online is all about trust.

Olasso integrates with logistics services across the globe to offer a localized shopping experience to your customers in each market, driving trust, loyalty and sales. Olasso’s platform and trusted partnerships allows you to take your business into new markets quickly without the need for additional integration projects, changes to existing systems, or timely management of logistics providers.

Simple variable pricing with no set-up fee!

Leveraging the best logistics partners, including: