Pieter (CEO)

Former Co-Founder & COO at Grana. Pieter, started out as an investment banker (we forgive him) in Hong Kong working with leading global retailers to expand throughout Asia. Following his stint in investment banking, Pieter swapped his closet of suits for cotton as the co-founder of Hong Kong-based fashion startup Grana.


Jim (COO)

Former Head of Fulfillment at Grana. Jim, previously co-founded a leading B2C ecommerce business which developed into one of the industry leaders in online customer service, reviews and delivery times.


Seb (CTO)

Former Head of IT at Grana. Seb, has had a long history of helping leading global retailers in China and Australia develop innovative technology solutions to scale globally and enhance their product offering.

Passionate about building scalable and smart solution that will revolutionise the global logistics industry? Get in touch as we are always looking for passionate team members in logistics, sales and engineering!

A couple of candid snaps…

A selfie a day keeps the stress away.

Capturing the moment following Pieter’s presentation at the Inside Retail Millenium Masterclass.

Smiles all round while zipping through the streets of Shanghai.

Jim realising some childhood dreams.

Hot off the press.

“We shouldn’t put this one online” – Pieter Paul Wittgen