Master global deliveries with one platform

Customers are demanding a localized and convenient delivery experience. Olasso provides a single platform which removes the complexity of managing global logistics integrations while offering a wide range of convenient, local and cost-efficient delivery options. Olasso has developed plugins and extensions with major CMS platforms to get you started quickly.

Multiple convenient and cost-efficient delivery methods through one integration

Integrate with over 40,000 PUDO locations, 1,400 parcel lockers, global carriers, on-demand logistics, and innovative ride-sharing service providers to enable your customer with the ability to choose when, how and where they want to have their order delivered from your existing checkout page.

  • Offer alternative logistics services unique to Olasso including convenience stores, parcel lockers and on-demand couriers
  • Instant access the to world’s leading carrier services – FedEx, UPS, UPSP, S.F. Express, DHL and more.
  • Access pre-negotiated discounted rates or use your own

Control and automate your shipping carrier selection

Be in control of your delivery experience.

  • Offer personalized delivery options based on product and customer attributes.
  • Power intelligent routing based on the customer or item level.
  • Minimize shipping costs through predetermining effective shipping methods.
  • Manage the dynamic delivery of shipping options at the customer attribute level.
  • Power cost-effective free shipping promotions based on cart value, SKU, loyalty and more.
  • Gather feedback on your post-purchase performance with NPS surveys.

Automated tracking notifications

Keep your customer informed across the whole delivery journey

  • Olasso translates the status messages across all carriers and partners to be easily understood by customers and Customer Service Teams.
  • Manage all your vendor tracking notifications in a single platform to ensure your customers are kept up-to-date with their deliveries
  • Enable delivery of status updates directly through SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, email, and through a branded tracking portal to further strengthen brand loyalty and consistency.

Understand your post-purchase journey

Gain full visibility of your delivery experience

  • Real-time audit your carriers delivery performance and improve your customer’s experience.
  • Review your shipping volumes to effectively plan and forecast.
  • Understand areas for improvement in your post-purchase journey.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your post-purchase notifications and engagement with your customers.
  • Identify at the market level where you may be underperforming your delivery promises

Simple variable pricing with no set-up fee!