About Olasso

What is Olasso?

Olasso is a returns management solution offering retailers localized and convenient return experiences for their customers while saving time and money on managing returns.

Why have you started Olasso?

With ecommerce return rates of up to 40%, returns are one of the biggest challenges in ecommerce. This impacts retailers, customer experience and the environment. Having experienced the problem first hand, Olasso was started to reduce the financial, operational and environmental impact of returns.

Why is it important to offer a good returns service?

As customers are unable to try the product in person, the peace of mind of being able to return a purchase is essential for driving high lifetime value and loyal customers. With abandoned cart rates of up to 80%, a convenient returns policy is essential for building trust with the consumer that incentivizes them to start shopping with you and more importantly keep coming back.

What are the benefits of Olasso?

  1. Convenient return options: We offer your customer local and convenient return options in each market
  2. Cost savings: Through alternative logistics, consolidation and intelligent routing, we provide you cost savings on your returns
  3. Global expansion: With one integration, Olasso offers you return options in multiple markets
  4. Simple set-up: No more time-consuming integration processes with each logistics partner, with one integration through Olasso you can access them all
  5. Great customer experience: A bad experience is frustrating for customers and costly for retailers; we want to make returns effortless.

How much cost saving can I achieve with Olasso?

For cross-border returns, Olasso can save up to 50% of your existing return logistics costs. In addition, we save your engineering, operations and customer service teams time in managing returns. We offer your teams the benefit of a seamless experience, without the integration, management and communications.

Which countries do you support?

We currently support Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. By the end of 2018 we will support most countries in Asia and the United States

My country is not supported, can I still use Olasso?

Olasso aims to build a global platform for returns. If your country is not yet supported, please send us an email at hello@olasso.com and we can let you know when we can support you in your market.

Returns Experience

How does the return process work for the customer?

Customers complete your returns form (either your existing one, or one provided by Olasso) and selects a return method you’ve enabled. They then either drop-off their parcel or wait for a courier to come and pick it up. After completing their return, customers have full visibility over its status until it has been received by the retailer.

What languages do you support?

We currently support English and are launching other languages soon.

What support do you offer when a customer has difficulties arranging a return?

We’ve designed our portal to be effortless for your customer to arrange a return independently. Should they experience any difficulties, we are always here to help. Our support team is available from 9am to 6pm HKT.

Similarly, if you have any feedback or feature request, don’t hesitate to reach out to hello@olasso.com.

Who pays for the return postage?

There are 3 options for paying for the return

  1. Return paid by retailer – We charge the retailer directly for each return.
  2. Return paid by customer, deducted from refund – We charge the retailer for the return, which gets deducted from the refund amount to the customer.
  3. Return paid by customer through Olasso platform – The customer pays directly for the return through our Olasso portal.

Does the customer have the option to pay for a return in case of a no free returns policies?

Yes, the decision to offer free returns is independent of offering customers a great returns option or experience.

Does the customer have to print a label?

The label requirements will differ by each market. Olasso’s goal is to have printerless options for each market we operate in.

In case a label is required, you can either include a pre-printed Olasso label in with the original order or the customer will be presented with the option to print one after creating the return.

Returns Process

Are there any product restrictions?

Yes, for a list of Prohibited, Illegal and Dangerous goods please see our Terms of Use. There are also sizing and partner specific restrictions, these can be found in the Olasso Management platform against each partner and are shown to customers in the Olasso Portal.

What are the transit times?

Transit times vary depending on the market; below is a table of estimated delivery times back to a domestic warehouse. From here we help retailers action the next step of the return journey whatever that maybe.

Market Service Estimated Return Time
Hong Kong 7-Eleven 2 days
Hong Kong Lalamove 2 days
Hong Kong Pakpobox 2 Days
Hong Kong SF Express 1-2 Days
Singapore POP Station 2 days
Singapore SingPost 2 days
Taiwan 7-Eleven 4 days

Are the returned goods insured?

As Olasso is a technology platform, we do not offer insurance on shipments directly. Often retailers choose to cover shipments with an independent policy to give a higher level of protection. However, each logistics partner generally offers a basic level of cover which, depending on the service, Olasso can help retailers claim against.

Are the parcels consolidated in-country?

For cross-border returns, the parcels are consolidated in-country. We work with established logistics partners in each market that support us in bringing the shipments back to you. Through consolidation, we can help you save money and make your return process more streamlined.

What return providers do you use?

We work with leading alternative logistics partners in each market including 7-Eleven, Lalamove, Singpost & SF Express.


How easy/fast is it to implement Olasso?

Olasso exists to save you time on integrating. We’ve streamlined the process for each partner so that you can get up and running in the shortest amount of time.

You can integrate with Olasso through 2 different methods

  1. Include 2 lines of code onto your site and style our returns form, or
  2. Redirect to an Olasso portal, styled with your brand

Implementation can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks depending on which services and markets you want to go live with. In any event we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that the process is well communicated and deadlines are met.

Questions about integration, contact us at hello@olasso.com.

What support do you offer to integrate with Olasso?

Once we have your requirements we can share our integration / API documentation. We can then help you work out a deployment schedule. After that you’ll be ready to go live!

Do you integrate with Magento, Shopify or order CMS platforms?

Yes. This is central to our value; we’re all about making it quick & easy to connect your system with Olasso so that you can have faster access to the best logistics options.

What data do you need from the retailer?

Basic returns / sales data so that your customers have a seamless experience and our logistics partners know what is inside the box.

Does Olasso produce customs info?

When sending items cross-border we need to know the product classification so that it can be processed efficiently with customs; so the more information you can provide Olasso with, the better.


How much does it cost to use Olasso?

Olasso charges a flat platform fee in addition to any charges incurred for logistics based on your return volume and provider. Please contact us for more information on our prices.

Do you have any sign-up or implementation fees?

No. We aim to make integration fast and hassle free. As a result, we are not charging any sign-up or implementation fee.

Do you have a minimum amount of returns in order to use the platform?

We do not require a minimum amount of returns. Additional fees might apply for your low volume markets therefore encourage you to reach out to discuss your requirements.